Phales Upholstery & Tents Sewing School

At PUTSS we have designed a course that will enable learners to be able to do the following after completion:

  • Students will be able to use and setup an industrial sewing machine.
  • Students will be able to design and cut and out together a product of either (seats, sofa, dome tent, frame tent, cutlery bags for camping, roof surround for caravans, caravan main tents, bakkie canvas canopies, rally tent and more.
  • This course will also enable students to come up with new designs and to explore them.
  • A timetable will be issued per student
  • The course certificate will be issued after the completion of the curriculum

It will take 2 years to complete the course, the course is divided into four semesters where each semester is divided into four learning categories:

Semester 1:

  • Setting up a sewing machine
  • Designing
  • Cutting patterns
  • Car seat upholstery
  • Car interior such as roof, doors, carpets
  • Speaker Boards
  • How to fit

Semester 2:

  • Sofas re-upholstery
  • How to cut and put together
  • How to fit
  • Finishing

Semester 3:

  • How to design a caping tent
  • How to cut it and put it together
  • Different kinds of designs and stitches
  • How to make a roof surround
  • How to make a canvas canopy

Semester 4:

  • Make a caravan main tent
  • Making a rally tent
  • Making a dome tent
  • Making a frame tent

Course fees (Registration fee – R500 non-refundable)

Semester 1 (from 01 February to 30 June): R8300
Semester 2 (from 30 July to 31 November): R8300
Semester 3 (from 01 February to 30 June): R8300
Semester 4 (from 30 July to 30 November): R15300

Registration open from 05 January to 30 January.
Fees must be paid in full from the beginning of the classes per semester.

List of stationery and timetable will be issued electronically
Classes will be held at the workshop building in 307 Dulsen Building, Paul Kruger, Pretoria, 0084.

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